Graduate Research Opportunities

We welcome students who are interested in using genomics and bioinformatics approaches to address fundamental biological questions. Details about UNLV's graduate college can be found here

  Undergraduate Research Opportunities      

Shen Lab offers many research opportunities to undergraduate students at UNLV or any other universities.  Students at UNLV may take BIOL 492 for credits and fulfill the Capstone requirement.  Alternatively, you may apply for a NSF fellowship ($4,000 for a summer plus waiving the charge for up to six credits for summer courses), IAAS fellowship, or NIH INBRE internship ($4,500 for a summer).  The latter approach will allow you to be paid for learning—a pretty good deal!


Many undergraduates trained in our lab have been accepted to well-known professional schools and graduate schools:

Name School Year Accepted
Timothy Ogburn Univeristy of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine 2019
Kevin Canales Touro University School of Osteopathic Medicine 2019
Adrian Mangio University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine 2018
Elizabeth Delgado University of Florida Graduate School 2017
William Fang University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine 2017
Arielle Homayouni Washington University in St. Louis 2016
Natalie Gevorkian University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine 2016
Ty Adetaye Adeseye  Harvard School of Dental Medicine 2015
Jennifer Lopez Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences 2015
Annie Hong Univeristy of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine 2013
Charlotte Choi University of Michigan Graduate School 2013
So Lee Park Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine 2013
Ryan Huang Touro University School of Osteopathic Medicine 2012
Rhea Conlu Roseman University of Health Sciences 2011
Wendy Seto University of the Pacific School of Dentistry 2009
Jose Inzunza New York Medical College 2008
Yu Gan University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Dentistry 2007
Shane Hanzlik University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine 2004

Shane, Yu, Jose, Wendy, Rhea, and Ryan have graduated from their respective schools and are currently practicing their specialties! Congratulations!


The following undergraduate students (former and current) have been awarded a fellowship/internship to work in the Shen Lab:

Name Fellowship Semester(s)
Fredrick Bragg Jr. NSF-LSAMP SSRE Spring 2020
Sandy Haneefzai NSF EPSCoR UROP Summer 2019
Keeley Adams NIH INBRE Summer 2018
Timothy Ogburn AANAPISI, LSAMP, and the McNair Scholars Institute Spring 2018
Rachelle Lamug AANAPISI SRI Summer 2017
Rin Boonjue AANAPISI SRI Summer 2017
Arielle Homayouni NSF EPSCoR UROP Fall 2014
Charlotte Choi NSF EPSCoR UROP Summer 2012
Diana Hua NSF EPSCoR UROP Summer 2011
Rhea Conlu NSF EPSCoR UROP Spring 2011
Norris Lam ASPB Summer Research Summer 2011
Norris Lam NSF EPSCoR UROP Fall 2010
Christina Yap NSF EPSCoR UROP Fall 2010
Norris Lam NIH INBRE Summer 2009
Ryan Huang NSF EPSCoR UROP Fall 2008
Ryan Huang NIH INBRE UROP Summer 2008
Patricia Ringler NIH BRIN Fall 2003 and Spring 2004
Tracy Hall NIH BRIN Summer 2003
Jared Townsend NIH BRIN Summer 2003
Tracy Hall NSF Summer 2002
Shane Hanzlik NSF Summer 2002

The following undergraduate students are co-authors of our publications, which will surely help them fulfill their career goals:

* Arielle Homayouni
* Jennifer Lopez
* Tara Tufano
* Everett Cook
* Shane Hanzlik
* Yue Liu 
* Paul Ruas

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